Conceptual Design Optimization of an Augmented Stability Aircraft Incorporating Dynamic Response and Actuator Constraints

Abstract: Empirical sizing guidelines such as tail volume coefficients have long been used in the early aircraft design phases for sizing stabilizers, resulting in conservatively stable aircraft. While successful, this results in increased empty weight, reduced performance, and greater procurement … Continue reading

CIM 2015

NameCIM 2015Description This is a three-day conference to discover state-of-the-art technologies in measurement, explore industrial challenges and uncover the latest innovations for increased performance through a varied programme and round tables sessions, an exhibition showcasing solutions and technical site visits. … Continue reading

No Macworld Expo ? No worries…

There’s i.Business Expo! The i.Business Expo is a national convention road tour for the Apple-Based (B2B) business community that co-locate its pavilion on the show-floor during Small Business Expos & IT Business Conferences. They attract switchers that are looking to … Continue reading

The Situational Awareness Sensor Suite for the ISS (SASSI): A Mission Concept to Investigate ISS Charging and Wake Effects

Abstract: The complex interaction between the International Space Station (ISS) and the surrounding plasma environment often generates unpredictable environmental situations that affect operations. Examples of affected systems include extravehicular activity (EVA) safety, solar panel efficiency, and scientific instrument integrity. Models … Continue reading

NineSigma – What Do They Do?

Open Innovation !!! MeasurementMedia Network just posted a notice of RFP for “Wireless Temperature Sensor” on, based upon an email notice received from NineSigma. After looking into this organization, we thought it deserved an article about its unique role … Continue reading