The 19th Open Grid Forum – OGF19

January 29 – February 2, 2007
Chapel Hill NC Chapel Hill NC, USA — The 19th Open Grid Forum – OGF19 will feature 5 days of interesting and engaging content on grid computing including:

* Enterprise and eScience workshops
* Standards group sessions and BoFs
* Requirements and standards alignment sessions
* Keynote presentations and plenary sessions
* Networking and social activities

Included in the workshop program are two full day sessions that feature timely topics on grids and eScience:

Semantic Web 2.0 and Grids – Semantic Web 2.0 encompasses social networking sites, wikis, communications tools and compute and storage services. Learn how Web 2.0 and Grids are used together to build these services and workflows.
Federated Identity and Grids – Learn about the integration of federated identity, an emergent inter-realm trust mechanism, with grids and how to address the scaling and complexity needs of identity management in grid.

Another highlight of OGF19 will be three days (January 29-31) devoted to a Grid Software Providers track. The track was motivated by the OGF GIN Grid Interoperability work and will feature the developers of core software that has broad use or interest among Grid system builders.

The audience will typically be those that are building Grids (including software engineers and systems administrators) and aims to present in one place a set of user forums on the software used to build either broad national Grids or those aimed at particular application domains.

The sessions should not be sales pitches but interchanges between providers and users already at least broadly familiar with their product. Although organized by the OGF eScience function, the track should be important also for Enterprise Grids.

The software in this track should be major consumers of OGF standards and so the sessions could be interesting from this perspective.

The following Software Forum sessions are scheduled for OGF19:

* Globus core Grid Infrastructure,
* NWS and BQP Network/Queuing Tools,
* Condor Scheduling System,
* OGCE Open Grid Computing Environments collection of portlets,
* Clarens Grid Portal Toolkit,
* OMII Core Grid Infrastructure (including OGSA-DAI and Taverna),
* SRB Data Grid Infrastructure,
* Grid Federated Identity (GridShib, GAARDS, MyProxy),
* Ninf-G Core Grid RPC Infrastructure,
* Genesis II OGSA Grid Infrastructure,
* Unicore Core Grid Infrastructure.

Registration is now open.

Click here for the OGF19 Schedule.

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