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APE (Author • Publisher • Entrepreneur) How to Publish a Book, by Guy Kawasaki & Shawn Welch

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It’s the one book for any aspiring author, if for no other reason, than it points out what to expect and what you really need to know, and in some cases, be wary of, when considering writing, publishing and/or marketing a book, whether printed, hard bound, soft cover or digital.

It’s also a book for published writers, showing how they can do-it-yourself. At $9.95 on Amazon, for the next 90 days, at least, it’s a steal for aspiring authors, heck, even experienced ones!

Most educators and technical gurus that this reviewer has known, seem to have an idea of publishing at least one book…sometime. Most write a lot of technical papers and do regular presentations about their work. Hey, I am describing myself, too!

Why not a book? Here’s the missing manual on self-publishing and much more.

The digital revolution has made self-publishing seem easy and straightforward. It is, well, straightforward, but most certainly not as easy as one might think. Like anything else worthwhile, there’s a lot of details between the initial concept and completed reality.

This self-published book helps show the pathway to success in the many steps along the way to a final copy that sells! It is a fine and thorough example of how to do it. Plus it leverages Guy’s experience on the Web in gathering as much assistance and input about the many tasks in the book-creation process.

This is Guy Kawasaki’s twelfth book. He confesses in it that self-publishing has been a learning experience for him, too.

Not one who believes that he knows everything, Guy is very comfortable asking for comments, contributions and support, things you could do, too. In fact, he met his co- author, Shawn Welch, while planning the process for this very book, as Guy explains!

Most computer literati know Guy as a former Evangelist and marketing guru at Apple Computer. I first learned of him when he gave a Keynote Address at the 2009 SES Conference in New York City (www.youtube.com/watch?v=8u4Raaamuoo) .

His talk was about Twitter and he turned this reviewer on to some of the benefits and advantages of Twitter and other social media when growing a small web publishing business, like the MeasurementMedia Network. I’ve been a Guy fan since then and was even one of the many who reviewed his earlier book, “Enchantment” (www.measurementblog.com/resource/enchantment-the-book-a-deming-model/).

From the outset in APE, when Guy explains the Why of this book, to the last 42 pages in the PDF preview copy, where they present a comprehensive Glossary of book writing, publishing, marketing, digital and Internet related terms, the authors set a high standard for How To Publish books.

So, if you think you already know everything about book publishing, buy a copy and read it; you’re bound to fill in a few gaps you didn’t even know that you had. It’s that detailed!

If you are considering writing a book, especially an ebook, buy this one first, it will provide a road map to your success in planning the details for completing the task or make you think again!

One thing that sets Guy apart from many others I’ve connected with on the Web, is that he is very open and asks people’s help, including reviews, very easily and politely. He’s relentless, organized and hard to refuse, especially when he provides an incentive. Plus, he not only answers every email, he also thanks people.

For instance, he sent this reviewer (and others) a free copy of his pre-release for possible review. Then he reminded me (with thanks in advance), and probably about 20,000 others, that the book was being released Sunday, December 9th at midnight by Amazon and he would appreciate my review. I wasn’t the first, but as of the evening of December 11th there were 122 reviews already online, most gushing, like mine.

Here’s a copy of that brief posting to Amazon, the first book review that I have ever done there.

APE is Extra Ordinary!,

December 10, 2012
By GR Peacock “Ray” (Southampton PA, USA)

This review is from: APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur-How to Publish a Book (Kindle Edition)
Guy & Shawn have created an incredibly detailed book APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur- How to Publish a Book aimed at any author or would-be author who wish to publish a book ranging from a simple 12 page tutorial eBook to a monster printed tome.

It is, in my view, an ultimate reference for anyone about the mechanics of writing, publishing and then marketing and selling their masterpiece.

It’s all done with finely-detailed organization, Guy’s conversational style and remarkable clarity of thought. It includes key web links for literally every notable reference discussed and referenced – a invaluable tool in an eBook format on, say, a Kindle or the Kindle app on an iPad or iPhone!

Interesting to note and commend them for linking to many books already published and available on Amazon with their affiliate code!! Why not? Their book brings much value to everyone who feels that they have one or more manuscripts in them, and is a little extra reward for Guy & Shawn’s very hard, thorough work. Click away, friends!

Congratulations to both authors! Fine job. Very well done.

Buy this book by clicking here: Ape the book.

Ray Peacock

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